About Us


Our love affair with Burmese cats started many, many years when I gave my wife (then fiancée) her first Christmas present and that Christmas present was a Burmese kitten.

A friend of hers had one and she was completely smitten with the idea of having her own. As we were moving house just before Christmas and wanted to take the kitten with us we managed to take charge of her when she was only six weeks old. It took a great deal of begging on our part to get the breeder to agree but eventually she did.

There began an 18 year relationship between the three of us covering a few changes of address – one indeed from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere. The cat was a deep dark chocolate (Sable) color and had a terribly toffee-nosed pedigree name. We decided to call her “Kiitty” until we could think of a better name but that I’m afraid we never did. She remained Kitty for the next 18 years.

Well a few cats later I finally retired and we decided to start a small online business related to Burmese Cats. (Our current Burmese, by the way, is the one featured on the top banner of our shop.)

We aim with our business to serve the needs of cat owners and their cats. Although Burmese cats are our particular love, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of all cats and their owners.

Our cat products cater (no pun intended!) for the health, comfort and fun facets of your pet’s lives.

Thinking of our human visitors, we offer a variety of items with cat related  themes  as well as jewelry  that can be personalized with images of the feline love in your life. The latter is made in the US by a small company that provides employment to Moms and we are proud to support them and can vouch for the high quality of their hand made jewelry.

The interests of our customers are a top priority for us and we see them as part of our larger family of cat lovers.

Thank you for visiting our store and we hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Any feedback you choose to give regarding products you would like to see in the store or any other suggestions about store improvements will be gratefully received.